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That’s right! We’re expanding our deodorant range even further.

For over ten years Pure Beginnings’ offering of natural roll-on deodorants have featured as bestsellers within the natural deodorant category in South Africa. Earlier this year we launched two fully biodegradable stick deodorants, and now, we are launching two more roll on deodorants – Sensitive and Mineral.

Mineral and Sensitive are both COSMOS certified organic, vegan, and cruelty-free. Formulated with new natural actives, Sensitive and Mineral are well suited for sensitive skin, and perfect for customers who’d prefer to try a sodium bicarbonate free roll-on.

Mineral has long-lasting mineral protection (Potassium Alum) and contains Rose Geranium (yes – that’s the same delicious scent as in our Baby Wash & Shampoo), so it smells incredible!

Sensitive is perfect for exactly that – those with a more sensitive or reactive skin. With its neutral fragrance, the long-lasting protection comes from the inclusion of pre- & probiotic technology (we love pre- and probiotics) which targets the bacteria that causes malodour.


With gentle notes of rose geranium and lavender, this certified organic deodorant will keep you feeling fresh all day. For long-lasting protection, it contains the natural mineral salt potassium alum which targets the bacteria that cause body odour. This deodorant is free from aluminium chloride/chlorohydrate.



With nourishing jojoba and shea butter, this certified organic cream-based deodorant will keep you feeling fresh all day. For sensitive protection, it contains a complex of prebiotic and probiotic ingredients that help naturally shift the metabolism of odour causing bacteria on the skin in your armpit. This deodorant is free from aluminium chloride/chlorohydrate.


Pure Beginnings have always been committed to providing high quality, safe and effective skincare products because we value health. When it comes to daily use products, we’re even more determined. It’s time to make the switch.

With seven healthier, safer deodorants in the range, rest assured – there is something for everyone.