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Meet Bongi, our new Brand Ambassador!

Bongi is married to Deane and mama to her 2 gorgeous children, Lukhanyo and Esona. She is a Paediatric doctor, lives (and loves) the farm-life in Tulbagh and is wonderfully passionate about baby wearing. Her social media handle @Ndibambe means ‘hold me’ in Xhosa, her home language. We are so excited to welcome her to the Pure Beginnings family, and look forward to journeying with her family as they share their life on the farm, their hands-on parenting, adventuring and conscious-living.

Follow her blog on and @ndibambe on Instagram and Facebook. You will be inspired to live a more intentional life outdoors – this we can promise you!

So here is the inside scoop on our newest Ambassador:

Tell us more about yourself and your family:

We are a family of four living in our dream house on a farm in Tulbagh.  We are so blessed to be living a fairly slow and simple life. I’m a doctor working in Paediatrics and married to my amazing husband, Deane. We have two very warm and loving children, Lukhanyo (4 years old) and Esona (16 months old). We love spending time in nature and traveling.

What are you most passionate about:

My family and my work children (my little patients) are my two biggest passions. I love traveling and I’m always planning our next adventure.  I love babywearing and have a huge collection of carriers, wraps and slings. I’ve spent a lot of time learning all about babwearing and enjoying helping/teaching other caregivers.

What is your best time of day:

Sunset spent in the pool in summer or going for a walk on our farm in winter.

What makes you burst with joy?:

The way my husband loves and supports me, cuddles & kisses from my children, seeing my patients healing and being lost in nature.

How long have you been a Pure Beginnings fan? Any favourite products?

I’ve been a fan for about two years. My children have eczema and very sensitive skin. The Pure Beginnings bubble bath is the only one which they can use without having a reaction or flare-up of their eczema. My son is a big fan of the handwash with Cedric the Crocodile.

How do you embrace the Pure Beginnings lifestyle at home?

We are a mindful about our impact on the environment and the products that we use. We try to minimize our waste and use products which are natural and non toxic. I’ve recently started making homemade natural products using essential oils and I’m slowly switching and ditching.

Name three things you cannot live without:

Good coffee, wine and my cellphone.

What excites you most about this Ambassadorship?

I’m so excited about sharing our lives and hopefully inspiring other people to live consciously. I’m also looking forward to trying out more of the Pure Beginnings range I’ve never tried before.

Join us as we welcome Bongi to the Pure Beginnings family!

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