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We are thrilled to announce our new Brand Ambassador, Mari-Louise Candiotes, wife to Alec, Mom to Eliana, Lia and Ava, author of the blog ‘Just a Mamma’ and all round modern mom.

“Mari-Louise is the perfect brand ambassador because she is a wonderful mother and she cares deeply about her children and family’s health. She lives an honest life, relates well to other mothers and she loves what the brand stands for”. Kate Moore-Gordon (Owner, Pure Beginnings).

So here is the inside scoop on our newest Brand Ambassador:

What are you most passionate about:
My faith will always be the driving force behind all I do but my passions evolve and change over time. At the moment I am most passionate about motherhood. I had a rough start and felt bewildered and alone. I don’t want other woman to feel that same overwhelming feelings I did. Support and some helpful advice made all the difference to me. Now, I hope to return the favour to other mamas.

What is your best time of day:
I’ve always been a night owl so after 8pm probably. I do however love sunset too – on the days we “get it right”. Days when Alec gets home, the girls are playing outside for “just a little bit longer” and Ava is snuggling in our baby carrier. When those rays hit our garden I always feel super grateful. Sometimes sunset turns into “suicide hour” with Alec stuck in traffic, everyone crying and me thinking “where’s the wine”. But even tantrums look better during the “golden hour”.

What makes you burst with joy?:
My family. Alec and the girls all have their own special way of making my heart explode at least once a day.

How long have you been a Pure Beginnings customer? Do you have any favourite products?
Almost 7 years. Basically from the moment I found out I was expecting our 1st little girl. I can’t choose a favourite because they are all fantastic but we cannot do without the bum cream and wet wipes.

How do you embrace the Pure Beginnings lifestyle at home?
We share the same values when it comes to living a “clean” life, eliminating as many unnecessary chemicals as possible. Taking care of our skin is also a priority. Pure Beginnings gets it and the organic range has been a perfect fit from day 1.

If you weren’t blogging or hands-on parenting, what would you be doing?
I would be travelling the world!

What excites you most about this Ambassadorship?
I am excited to get to know the brand we have loved for so many years on a personal level and seeing more and more families enjoy the benefit of Pure Beginnings.

Finally… What I:

Love: Silence.
Want: More kindness
Read: Bedtime stories and food labels
Need: A creative outlet and to exercise more
Know: Nothing is perfect, THANK GOODNESS.

Follow Mari-Louise on her journey through her blog, Just a Mamma, and Facebook and Instagram.