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The benefits of baby massage are becoming increasingly evident in infant and childhood development circles. And hey, who doesn’t love a little pampering?

By taking the time to massage your baby, not only are you strengthening the bond between yourself and your child, you’re prioritizing intentional connection by creating an intimate space where so much more is happening than what simply meets the eye.

The benefits are overwhelming! Here are a few of the MANY benefits of baby massage.

Baby Massage:

  • Affirms your bond with your baby
  • Encourages digestion and eases baby’s colic, constipation and gas/wind
  • Improves blood circulation and skin conditions
  • Encourages sensory stimulation and routine building
  • Helps build parent’s and baby’s self-esteem
  • Improves baby’s health and general well-being
  • Helps baby sleep for longer and stimulates neurological development
  • Helps you become more confident in handling your child and better at recognising their needs
  • Relieves stress for both mother and baby and enables the mother to engage in a positive way with her baby
  • It can be a great way for partners, grandparents, and siblings to bond with the newest addition to the family
  • Although massage is beneficial for all babies, it is particularly useful for those with special needs such as Down’s syndrome or cerebral palsy, as it provides a unique way of communicating and soothing them.

Regularly massaging your baby may help them to sleep and settle better too. Your baby’s muscles relax and breathing becomes deeper as massage raises levels of the ‘feel-good’ hormone oxytocin in both you and your baby. This helps you both relax and feel calmer and can also aid in breastfeeding. With all of these benefits, how can you refuse?

It is for this reason that Pure Beginnings developed their Soothing Baby Massage & Bath Oil. Recently voted as the Green Category winner at Mama Magic for 2017, this massage oil contains a blend of moisturising and calming oils to nurture and protect your child’s delicate skin. Avocado and almond oil, which are rich in healthy fatty acids, are easily absorbed and proven to soothe the skin, and Jojoba seed oil, which closely resembles sebum (produced by our skin glands) is readily recognised by the body and acts as a natural skin conditioner – perfect for that soft, delicate baby skin!

With all the obvious benefits, are you ready to get to it?

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